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Image of Danny Holmes-Adams painting on Dartmoor © Chr

photography Chris Chapman

Danny Holmes-Adams

Visual Artist (1978 -)

Danny Holmes-Adams is a British contemporary artist. His paintings are known for their Luminous expressive quality. Art that celebrates the human response to the astonishing beauty and surprises of nature

Danny Holmes-Adams born March 1978. Honed his skill in colour and brush work at a very young age  from family signwriting business. Studied painting and drawing in Canterbury. Settling in Devon to pursue his painting career where he now lives together with Kat and there three children.

Danny is a member of Portscatho art Colony, Cornwall and his work can be found in New Gallery Porscatho on the Roseland Peninsula.  He has had a string of solo Exhibitions both here and abroad and has works in a number of private and public collections

Danny Holmes-Adams photograph of the artist at work        artist  at Precuil
Danny Holmes-Adams image of the artist



Danny Holmes-Adams has been painting the English Landscapes of Dartmoor for the last twenty years.  Up on the moors he can be seen either trudging along with his canvas resembling a sail, or set up, guy ropes holding his picture in place on his easel.  When painting Danny becomes so engrossed in the moment and his surroundings that he often comes to when the light fades with his paint smudged battered waxed jacket soaked through.


In recent years Holmes-Adams has made work In Cornwall on the Roseland Peninsula as part of a artists' colony run by Chris Insoll. Working in the Portscatho studio above the New Gallery or in the surrounding areas. He loves the particuar light in Cornwall and the great rich tradition that place has in British art.


Danny’s open-air paintings show nature in her wildness; these are not chocolate box images. Looking at these paintings gives the viewer the same sense of soul recharging that you feel when you are by a river or stargazing.  His paintings capture the intangible otherness and unruliness of the moors, carved river valleys and estuaries, The coast and night skies in the lasting medium of oil paint. They focus on an idea; sometimes as simple as the excitement at a single colour or revelry at the flesh or texture of food.  It is the choice of object and the way in which they are looked at both by the artist and the audience that makes them living pictures.


There is a mastery of colour and sensitivity of drawing that gives a sense of celebration to the paintings.  He is actively exploring the relationship between paint and light.




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